Driven to Help

11/19/2019 1:36:00 PM

Bell Bank News

Alexandria Wealth Management Advisor Honored with Bell Bank Award

When Fargo wealth advisor Tammy Wood and her family found themselves stranded on a frigid winter night, one of Tammy’s co-workers didn’t hesitate to help.

Tammy and her family were headed to Minneapolis in February to catch a flight the next day for a tropical vacation. They got a late start because Tammy’s husband was helping one of their daughter's friends with some car issues. As they approached Alexandria at 8:30 p.m. in a wind chill of about 26 below zero, Tammy’s car started acting up. They stopped at a gas station and tried looking up car rental options, but had no luck at that time of night.

Tammy called Tim Bush, a senior wealth management advisor in Alexandria for help. Before she even finished speaking, he offered to swap cars with her. Not only did he save the day for the Wood family, but he even took Tammy’s car to be repaired.

“He went above and beyond, and my whole family so appreciated his generosity and kindness,” Tammy remarks. “Tim is a person who always has your back no matter what. Thank you, Tim, for taking the stress out of a very stressful situation!”

For Tim’s compassion for his co-worker, he was recognized with a Bell Value Award for Family Atmosphere. The Bell Value Awards are our company’s highest honor, recognizing the special ways employees take care of each other, our customers and members of the community.

“I cannot tell you in words what it meant to me,” Tim notes. “The fact that Tammy nominated me for something that anyone else at Bell would have done in the same situation was awesome, and to win such a nice prize was such a great surprise.”

Throughout the year, employees nominate each other for “How Bell of You” awards, which recognize those who excel in demonstrating our values of service and paying it forward. Those employees are then considered for Bell Value Awards.

“I think the name of the award is so fitting – Bell Value Award – because I truly feel valued every day that I come to work at Bell,” Tim comments. “My coworkers are all so awesome, and the owners and upper management continuously make me feel appreciated each day through nice comments, emails or gestures. This really is an unbelievably great place to work!"