Pay It Forward - Building to Keep a Family Together

12/3/2017 12:30:00 PM

Pay It Forward

“By coming in here and doing what you’ve done, it not only fulfilled my dreams, but it’s made a safe place for kids.” – Virginia Revoir

Bell Bank employees in our Bell Mortgage Phoenix, Ariz., office pooled their Pay It Forward funds to help an Arizona family keep their foster children.

Bell Employee

Joel Terrill
Phoenix, Ariz.


Virginia Revoir family

The Need

Since she was a little girl, Virginia Revoir has dreamed of running an orphanage. She has 8 biological children and planned to put her dream on hold until her kids were grown. Then she learned about fostering children.

She had a 4-bedroom house but needed to enclose a patio to add a fifth bedroom so she could accommodate her foster kids.

“It ended up being so much bigger and so much more money than I had thought,” Virginia notes. “I really felt stuck, and I was under a really strict timeline to get more space.”

The Impact

When the organization Boost a Foster Family told Joel Terrill about the Revoirs, he decided to help, and he recruited his co-workers to join him. They used their Pay It Forward funds to provide the money needed to build the additional bedroom to code.

“We could not have done this project without Pay It Forward existing,” remarks Jenny Cook, Boost a Foster Family volunteer. “You have created an amazing community. You have created an amazing group of employees who know how to give and give with joy.”