All Bell Bank team members are given the power to pay it forward to people in need!

Every employee receives $1,000 and every part-time employee gets $500 to give to an individual, family, organization or cause in need. “Pay It Forward” is about compassionately helping others, and the stories that come from this outreach will touch your heart.

Starting in 2008, Bell Bank gave team members a very special Christmas gift: the opportunity to “Pay It Forward.” The program was inspired by an episode of Oprah where she gave each member of the audience $1,000 pre-loaded debit cards and a video camera. Their mission was simple: use the money to “do good works” and record it. If Oprah could do it, why couldn’t Bell Bank?

Our program is truly a grass roots program where it’s the team members that choose where the “Pay It Forward” dollars go each year. The money can be given to any cause an employee deems worthy. It can be a 501c3, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s the beauty of the program. It can be a single mom that lives next door, it can be a church, it can be the Human Society or it can be whatever else an employee sees as a worthy cause.