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Participating in a plan is the first step toward planning for a more secure future

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Retirement is a journey. You set your destination through goals that are important to you. We are beside you to provide guidance along the way. Is your retirement plan right for you? Are you leveraging strategies to help you maximize Social Security and other benefits after you retire? Will you have enough income to do the things you want to do in retirement? Our mission is to help you navigate a complex financial world so you feel comfortable when you look ahead to your golden years. Individual Retirement Options
  • Participate in your company retirement plan – 401(k) or 403(b)
  • Set up an IRA – Traditional, Roth or Simple
  • Establish a simplified employee pension (SEP)
Need help? Call the retirement participant service center 855-225-2355 Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. central time.  
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Participate in a 401(k) Plan

If you're participating in your company's 401(k) or other employee retirement plan, congratulations! You've taken the first and most important step toward planning for the life you want in retirement. Important stops along the way to retirement include:
  • Determining savings levels
  • Choosing the right investment mix
  • Deciding when to reduce risk in your investment portfolio
  • Assessing retirement readiness and ultimately selecting a safe withdrawal rate

 To access the retirement plan you established through your employer that is administered by Bell Bank’s retirement division, you can log in to your account here.


Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Plan now for a secure retirement. See if an IRA is the right plan for you.

Bell Bank Wealth Management makes it fast and easy to roll your retirement funds into an IRA. We help you get everything started and talk you through the process. Once you sign the paperwork, we take care of the rest. Let us help you decide the right IRA choice for you.


  • Roll over funds from an employer retirement plan
  • Establish new IRAs – Roth, Traditional, Simple or Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
  • Tax-deferred method of saving
  • Continued tax-deferred investment returns
  • Expanded investment choices

We offer the following:

  • Personal consultations on new IRAs, rollovers and consolidating accounts
  • Low-cost asset allocation for clients who wish to delegate daily oversight to our professional money managers
  • Quality mutual funds for clients who want to manage their IRAs themselves
  • Internet account access with financial calculators and tools to project future balances
  • Optional electronic contribution from your checking accounts
  • Full fee disclosure, with no surprises down the road
  • People who are accessible – we actually answer the phone!
  • Free, informative quarterly investment newsletter


Investing and wealth management products are not FDIC insured, have no bank guarantee, may lose value, are not a deposit and are not insured by any federal government agency.

Why Bell

Thinking about retirement can be stressful. We can help. At Bell, we get to know you – your finances, family responsibilities and goals – then work with you to create a plan that gives you peace of mind.

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