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E-Statement Delivery

Terms and Conditions

These E-Statement Delivery Terms and Conditions apply only to your monthly billing statements. You have two (2) options for the delivery of your monthly mortgage loan billing statement, by paper via U.S. Mail or by electronic delivery. You may choose either option, but not both.

Electronic Statements:

If you enroll to receive your monthly billing statement by electronic delivery exclusively (hereafter “Electronic Statement”), you understand and agree that you will not receive a paper billing statement. If you enroll in the electronic delivery option, we will send, and you consent to receive, an email notification (to the email address you provide) notifying you when your Electronic Statement becomes available for access on our online portal known as Servicing Digital. We do not charge you for access to the Electronic Statement on Servicing Digital. You agree that you are responsible for maintaining a valid email address on Servicing Digital. Should delivery of the email notification be unsuccessful for any reason, you agree it remains your responsibility to retrieve your Electronic Statement(s) in a timely manner through Servicing Digital. Your Electronic Statement will be posted and available for viewing on or about the same day each month. Each Electronic Statement will remain available on Servicing Digital for ninety (90) days. You may also print your Electronic Statements or download them to your own system.

Non-Electronic Payments:

If you enroll for Electronic Statements and wish to remit payment by U.S. mail, you acknowledge that you must print the remittance form on the Electronic Statement and mail it with your payment. If your mortgage loan involves multiple borrowers, you agree and hereby authorize any borrower on the loan (or their agents) to make selections about whether to receive electronic or paper statements. You agree we may rely upon instructions from any borrower on the mortgage loan concerning the request for the delivery of either electronic or paper statements.

File and Software Requirements:

You will need one of the following browsers to view Electronic Statements: Internet Explorer® (version 8.0 or higher), or the current version of Google Chrome™, Firefox® or Safari®. You will need access to a printer or the ability to download information if you wish to retain offline copies of statements. Your Electronic Statements will be delivered as an Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) file. To access and retain a PDF file, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 9.5 or higher). You may download the reader software application from Adobe's website. You agree and warrant that you have the necessary software application to view and save PDF files.

Cancellation of Electronic Statements; Paper Statements:

You have the option to receive paper copies of your monthly billing statement at no charge. You may cancel your electronic delivery selection at any time and receive paper monthly billing statements via U.S. Mail by changing your statement option on Servicing Digital. After we have processed your request, your monthly billing statements will resume in paper form, delivered to the address that you have provided. There are no fees or other charges assessed if you decide to switch from Electronic Statements to paper monthly billing statements. By clicking “Let’s do this!” (on the webpage containing these Terms and Conditions), you consent to the electronic delivery of your monthly billing statement and acknowledge that you have the necessary software to view and save PDF files which will allow you to access Electronic Statement. Depending on when you enroll in the billing cycle, you acknowledge that you may receive one (1) more paper monthly billing statement.