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Authorization Terms

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Terms and Conditions

Individual will be able to place stop payment on any check written on a deposit Account. Individual is solely responsible for their actions when placing a stop payment. Bank reserves the right to require confirmation in writing in a form acceptable to Bank of all stop payments and deletions thereof. By clicking or tapping to confirm this Stop Payment Authorization, Individual further agrees:

The stop payment entry page within the System has been completed in its entirety. Sufficient information to properly identify the check has been provided, including the Account, check number, payee, exact dollar amount, and date. Individual acknowledges Bank assumes no liability when information is incorrect or incomplete.

Bank has been provided with sufficient time to act on the stop payment. Stop payments are not effective if, before the stop payment was placed, Bank has already negotiated the check or otherwise become legally obligated for its payment.

Stop payments are effective for six (6) months. Individual may renew stop payments for an additional six (6) month period by reentering the stop payment upon the expiration of the original six (6) month period. Individual is solely responsible for monitoring all expiration dates of stop payments.

Bank’s customary stop payment fees, as disclosed in the current fee schedule, apply.

Individual agrees to abide by the rules and regulations governing stop payments as outlined in the Uniform Commercial Code or other applicable laws.

Verify stop payment instructions carefully. Stop payment will be processed immediately when you choose Send Request.