Try the Touch-Free Way to Pay

More than ever, technology has helped us connect with loved ones and coworkers, do business miles apart and manage our finances digitally. At Bell Bank, we’re here to offer another tool to add to your toolbox … a touch free way to pay!

With mobile wallets, your smartphone takes the place of your debit or credit card. During the one-time setup process, you enter your card information into your mobile device. Then, when you’re ready to make a purchase, simply hold your phone near the checkout terminal to transmit your payment. (The steps vary slightly depending on your smartphone’s operating system.)

With mobile wallet, you can expect:
  • Reduced contact: Pay with just a tap or touch of your finger
  • Added security: Your card number isn’t shared (check one more worry off your list)
  • Convenience: No need to carry your wallet or purse – just pay on the go!
It’s easy to set up and use with:

Why You Should Set Up & Use Mobile Wallets

You’ll enjoy the convenience and simplicity.

Once your card information is stored on your device, you can pay with a tap or a touch of your finger (depending on your device).

Forget about digging through your wallet to find a card, handing it to a clerk, or inserting it into a chip reader.

Mobile wallets can also be used when you purchase items online. If your smartphone supports it, you can complete purchases by selecting the mobile wallet option during the checkout process. It saves the time and hassle of re-entering your billing and shipping information.

Your mobile wallet is secure.

You don’t present your debit card during a mobile wallet transaction, so the risk of a stolen number is reduced.

In addition, most mobile wallet platforms use a special security token to link your card with the terminal, rather than sending your card number. Since the transaction is completed using the security token, and your fingerprint or passcode is required, you have added protection against identity theft.

You’re able to use mobile wallets at more and more retailers.  

While mobile wallets aren’t accepted everywhere yet, more businesses are adding the option. Look for mobile wallet symbols at your favorite grocery stores, retailers, department stores and restaurants – or even your local hardware store or coffee shop.

For mobile wallet assistance, call us at 800-450-8949 or visit your nearest location.  


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